Business Support

Build and Handover

Start-up businesses or companies that are trying to build sales in a new market or sector often need to hire new sales resources. The hiring, induction & training process is usually time-intensive, and it can be 6 months to a year before a new sales director starts to deliver sales. Catalina Consulting’s Build & Handover Process accelerates a company’s ability to to build a pipeline of new business, hire the right sales director for the role, and to transition the pipeline to the new sales director, whilst providing support & mentoring.

Get More out of Conferences & Trade Shows; Run Seminars & Roundtables

Customers tell us that despite pressures on time, they still manage to attend a diverse range of roundtables, seminars, trade-shows and conferences each year, with the need to network & find new business opportunities featuring high on their agenda. Catalina Consulting’s Conference Support Service helps companies to;

  • Maximise their investment in large-scale events by providing additional sales resources to manage exhibition stands, setting up  prospect meetings, and organising in-conference seminars & briefings .
  • Organise and deliver impactful roundtable engagements, bespoke seminars and networking receptions that enable direct engagement with senior decision makers from target sectors in an exclusive setting.

 Train & Mentor

Leaders of fast-growth companies, employing financially or technologically talented people often wonder how they can help their team to hone skills in customer engagement and business development. Perhaps they have hired recent graduates, gifted in their academic discipline, but inexperienced in building relationships with customers. The current pace of growth may have led to employees who were traditionally back or middle office, moving to front office and in need of help and support with customer engagement. The success of their company may depend on the ability to open and develop new accounts, generate revenue and build tenure, but account managers, whilst comfortable with finance, compliance or technology, would benefit from sales coaching. Many of our customers ask us to deliver entire modules, some select elements of each and some prefer a design service that is entirely tailored to their business. Either way, we use the same proprietal design process to make sure that each customer gets exactly the right training for their team.