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Get More out of Seminars & Conferences

Customers tell us that despite pressures on time, they still manage to attend a diverse range of breakfast & dinner roundtables, seminars, events and conferences each year, with the need to network & find business opportunities featuring high on their agenda.

Short roundtable engagements and seminars present few resource issues, with one or two team members attending. However, when it comes to large-scale, high-value conferences, the significant financial and time commitment, coupled with the need to get maximum value often places a heavy burden on resources .

Furthermore, whilst the number & variety of conferences has increased, our customers tell us that quality & content are often disappointing. They ask if running their own targeted roundtable or seminar might deliver better return on investment.

Catalina Consulting can help

We have extensive experience in managing exhibition stands at conferences, engaging with prospective customers, setting up  introductory meetings with target contacts, and following-up for future sales meetings so that return on investment can be measured & assessed.

We are proficient in delivering impactful roundtable engagements and seminars.  Highly organised and with a meticulous attention to detail, our roundtables & seminars enable our customers to engage with senior decision makers from their target sectors in an exclusive setting.

Our focused approach to managing conference attendance & exhibition, including programmes of meetings with target contacts helps our customers to get maximum value from their conference-spend.

 Train & Mentor

Leaders of fast-growth companies, employing financially or technologically talented people often wonder how they can help their team to hone skills in customer engagement and business development.

Perhaps they have hired recent graduates, gifted in their academic discipline, but inexperienced in building relationships with customers. The current pace of growth may have led to employees who were traditionally back or middle office, moving to front office and in need of help and support with customer engagement. The success of their company may depend on the ability to open and develop new accounts, generate revenue and build tenure, but account managers, whilst comfortable with finance, compliance or technology, would benefit from sales coaching.

Catalina Consulting can help

Detailed below, our core base of learning modules, supported by online tools and face-to-face & web-based coaching, designed in collaboration with customers, offer an effective and cost-efficient way of developing tactical sales skills and building trusted customer relationships.

Many of our customers ask us to deliver entire modules, some select elements of each and some prefer a design service that is entirely tailored to their business.

Either way, we use the same proprietal design process to make sure that each customer gets exactly the right training for their team.

Our training design is output focussed and delivers return on investment in four key areas;

  • Response – delegates will find training useful and relevant. Direct feedback from delegates provides an immediate and frank evaluation of the effectiveness of the training.
  • Learning – delegates will apply learning to business challenges. Most delegates who complete our programs will come with a business project that has been agreed with their manager.
  • Behaviour – delegate individual and team performance will improve. Managers will observe notable change in performance.
  • Commercial – performance improvement will contribute to achievement of corporate goals. Many customers ask us to build goals into program design. Often these relate to customer feedback, new business developed or to improvements in employee engagement. Catalina Consulting can carry out measurement in these important areas pre-and post-program and provide data & feedback.

Please contact us for more more information on training.