For Leaders of Fast Growth Companies

In our experience, leaders in successful, fast-growth companies often wonder if they could grow faster and more efficiently with access to resources outside of  their existing business locations.

Perhaps they want to acquire customers in new geographies and need help with business development.

The success of their business may rely on their ability to hire and retain talented people, and they ask themselves if there are locations where they can do this in a more cost-effective way.

The growth of their back and middle office or HR and Finance teams may be raising questions around outsourcing, offshoring or restructuring to a shared services model.

Our customers tell us that discussions around these questions take place fairly regularly, but often go no further than the meeting room.

Few companies have redundant capacity that allows them to create project teams for location-specific challenges. Furthermore, even if such capacity can be made available, it is rare that the assigned project leader will have the necessary experience and expertise to  deliver the project in the most time-and-cost-effective way.

This is where Catalina Consulting can help

Our customer engagement starts with a confidential meeting to find out more about the company’s strategy and to determine if we can help.

If the company decides to engage us, we use a proprietary 6-phase process that begins with project scoping and the creation of a requirements matrix, encompasses the identification and evaluation of options and culminates in the selection and implementation of the optimum solution.

For companies that simply want to know what their options might be, we offer a fast-track research and presentation service.

Experience shows that companies often need support with:

  • Market entry, set up and sustainable growth – We offer this service exclusively for the UK market, for companies that need help with entering the market, finding customers, developing a sales team, and building sustainable business.
  • Cost effective expansion – Most of our customers looking at options for expansion are operating in high-cost locations where competition for skilled people is high. Working to customer specification, we can include options for locations that are close to existing sites, or we can include culturally compatible options that are further away. We also help to evaluate and select suitable outsourcers or service partners.
  • Consolidation of multiple business locations into fewer, more efficient sites – With increasing M&A activity, growing companies find that they have teams of people in multiple geographies. We help to review these sites, offer options around restructuring, and support company leaders through the evaluation and implementation process.
  • Reshoring of functions or roles that have previously been offshored – As companies evaluate the efficiency of global operations, many of our customers ask us about the process and associated costs of bringing jobs or functions back onshore. At Catalina Consulting, we help company leaders to evaluate their options, carry out detailed cost modelling and select a solution that offers the optimum opportunity for cost-effective growth.
  • Disaster recovery – A robust business continuity process is vital, and not just for technology companies. We help company leaders to identify the best location for a DR centre, or to evaluate and select a suitable service provider.

We work mainly with fast growth companies because we provide the tailored, responsive, practical and cost-effective assistance that their executive leadership teams need.