Tech Trailblazers, Investment Opportunities for Companies in Northern & Southern Ireland

Ireland’s “Enterprise 2025” report sets out clear objectives, including a vision for full and sustainable employment by 2025. However, when many technology businesses reach the growth capital/scale up phase, investment can prove to be much more challenging to realise.

Often, these businesses will seek investment from markets outside of (Northern) Ireland including the USA, UK and the Far East. But this is difficult, expensive, a distraction and indeed very time consuming.

For this reason, Moore Stephens are running,  (with support from InterTradeIreland, Tech Ireland and the Irish Embassy in London), Tech Trailblazers.

Tech Trailblazers is designed to match tech companies based on Island of Ireland (North and South) looking for growth capital of between 5 to 20M Euro with UK investors looking to source investments.

Moore Stephens has secured commitment from UK investors representing combined funds in excess of €1 billion to meet with Irish technology businesses in an exclusive event this October 2018.

Moore Stephens is inviting applications from (Northern) Irish companies who match the following criteria, agreed with a range of UK-based investment funds.


  • Strong management team: strong balance of equity still held
  • inside the business.
  • IP: should possess trademarks, patents, or have explored their IP potential.
  • Sector: preference is on software and technology solutions rather than hardware.
  • Raise size: aiming for growth capital funding of €5m – €20m. Specifically NOT start-ups.
  • Revenue: ideally will generate revenues or be able to demonstrate a run rate of €1m plus.
  • Profitability: ideally, will be post profit – this largely depends on the opportunity and the backdrop of investment to date.

For more information, please contact Karena Vaughan and download the brochure below;

Tech Trailblazers 2018[2]