Belfast Partners Launched

Catalina Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of Belfast Partners. Belfast Partners is a business networking initiative that provides Belfast, its city executive leaders and its company leaders with access to the opportunities that exist in global cities. Our initial focus will be on [Read More]

Winning in Emerging Markets

We have finally had the time to read ‘Winning in Emerging Markets’ by eminent Harvard Professors Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu. It’s been on our target reading list for a few months now.  It’s essential reading for businesses considering an emerging market as part of [Read More]

The FinTech Book

We are reading The FinTech Book, by the wonderful Susanne Chisti and Janos Barberis, for the second time. Now an Amazon bestseller, it’s an ‘everything you need to know about fintech’ library of impactful articles, written by industry experts. If you haven’t read it yet, [Read More]

FinTech in Fund Domiciles

The Fund Domiciles FinTech Report As FinTech competencies are becoming increasingly important in domiciliation decisions, Alternative Domicile Intelligence (ADI) & Catalina Consulting are teaming up to focus the industry’s attention on this topic.  In particular ADI & Catalina Consulting are examining the use of FinTech by [Read More]