Business Location Strategy

In our experience, leaders of  fast-growth companies, often wonder if they could grow faster and more efficiently with access to resources outside of  their existing business locations.

  • They want to open an office in a new location & build profitable business and they would appreciate some additional expertise & practical support to help them through the process.
  • The continued success of their business is contingent on their ability to hire & retain talented people, and they ask themselves if there are locations where they can do this in a more efficient way.
  • The growth of back & middle office teams may be raising questions around restructuring, outsourcing or offshoring and they would value advice & expertise or even just an informed sounding-board.

Catalina Consulting can help

Market entry, set up and sustainable growth – We help companies to enter key financial markets, find customers, distributers or partners, hire & train people and build sustainable business.

Cost effective expansion –  We help companies to find business locations where they will be able to hire & retain skilled people; where they will become an employer of choice; where they can access attractive government funding & support; where they can grow in a cost-efficient way.

Consolidation of multiple business locations into fewer, more efficient sites – With increasing M&A activity, growing companies find that they have teams of people in multiple geographies. We help to review these sites, offer options around restructuring, and support company leaders through the evaluation and implementation process.

Reshoring of functions or roles that have previously been offshored – As companies evaluate the efficiency of global operations, many of our customers ask about the process and associated costs of bringing jobs or functions back onshore. We help them to  evaluate their options, carry out detailed cost modelling and select a solution that offers optimum cost-effective growth.