Strategic Business Growth


As the leader of a results­-focused organisation, delivering year on year sales growth is a way of life. You’ve seen significant success in your existing customer base, where your brand is recognised and associated with value and quality. You feel that it’s time to acquire new customers, to develop new industry sectors or to enter new markets, but it’s challenging and risky. You’re concerned about time and cost and you can’t afford to make mistakes.

In our experience, this is the dilemma continually faced by business leaders – How do you grow your business in a cost effective, low risk way?

Catalina Consulting can help

We take away the uncertainty, we provide solutions, we share the risk and we don’t take on any project unless we can deliver success.

Vision & Strategy – We begin with your vision & strategy – where do you see your company in 3-5 years time and what do you need to achieve to deliver that vision & strategy? What sales growth have you planned? Where will that come from? Which sectors and markets will be key to successful growth? What makes your product or service unique, where is it currently positioned in the market and where do you feel it should be positioned?

Strategy is knowing where to play and how to win. We translate your ambitions for your business into an executable strategy.

Rigorous Planning –  The key to success is experience combined with rigorous & disciplined planning. We provide you with both. We review your current selling strategy, your resources, your markets & industry sectors and your marketing collateral and we create a comparison matrix with competitors operating in your chosen area. From this we develop a series of actionable goals.

Targets – We agree sales targets and key milestones and we work with you to create a project plan that identifies realistic and achievable project goals and objectives together with clear and simple budgeting and reporting. This creates the cornerstone for the development of an actionable sales implementation plan that outlines the market entry, packaging and pricing, distribution and financial reporting that profiles the market niche for your product.

Resources – Most sales teams are run lean and concentrate on sales targets, but in order to achieve momentum in new markets or sectors you need additional resources. Hiring in a new market is a difficult and expensive process. We bridge that gap until there’s enough business to justify the new hire.

Collateral –  We help you develop impactful collateral that will distinguish your product and differentiate your company. We guide you through the creation of case studies, presentations and your tailored web presence.

Qualified Meetings with Prospective Customers – Using our market and sectoral knowledge, we draw on our own contact base to set well qualified prospect meetings. We guide you through the preparation for these meetings and we’ll support you through the meetings themselves. We advise you on assimilating to the market’s culture and its business customs, on how to prepare for prospect meetings and how to maximise the opportunity once in front of your target customer. We coach you through the creation of impactful sales proposals and cost models. We help you negotiate the opportunity and close the deal.

Follow Up and Support –  Winning the first sale is just the beginning. Your new customer will expect a local point of contact and you’ll need someone to support the customer through the delivery of their first order. We can help. Until you’re ready to go it alone, we represent you, we continue to help you to develop and close business and we’re your market presence.

Key Account Management & Development – Building long term relationships with customers that are of strategic importance to the growth of your business optimises value and helps you and your customers to achieve mutually beneficial goals. It’s a time-intensive process that sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day focus of new business development. We can help you to maintain tenure in key accounts, to increase your share of the customer’s wallet, to be a supplier of choice.

Catalina Consulting provides senior, experienced business development experts for clients who need to engage with c-suite decision makers and who want  their businesses to be represented by people with industry knowledge, a network of senior contacts and credibility. We work with a small number of clients at a time, providing a dedicated, exclusive service.

Some clients outsource the entire selling process to us, but most prefer us to work alongside them providing expertise, increased bandwidth and continuity.

”Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle.”

Abraham Lincoln