New e-Seminar announced – Fintech Centres of Ireland, the Critical Role of Ireland’s Fintech Centres in the Irish Funds Industry

The all-Ireland e-Seminar and in the White Paper delivered in May* underlined FinTech’s critical importance to the continued success of the Irish funds industry. Those FinTech components most relevant to the fund industry such as RegTech, data, cyber and AI will play a key role in shaping the technological future of the industry as well as in an all-Ireland economic recovery.

In order to build on the interest generated by the e-Seminar and White Paper (in an all-Ireland future for the fund industry) IFI Global and Catalina Consulting are planning to host a further e-Event on the role of FinTech in the Irish fund industry and in the island’s future economic growth.

This is also being done to capitalise on FDI Intelligence’s publication of the Top Tech Cities of the Future – in which Belfast and Dublin both made the Top 10. (We anticipate Cork, Limerick and Derry-Londonderry will feature in 2021.)

Please join us on the 10th September 2020 at 14.00 for the next e-seminar in our all-Ireland series.

*In May IFI Global and Catalina Consulting hosted an online event, followed by approximately 150 around the world, on the all-Ireland fund industry. A follow-up White Paper was also published post this e-Seminar.

Marketing the e-seminar

An event page will be created, with details of the e-seminar, partners, speakers and discussion topics. IFI Global will promote the e-Seminar to its global subscriber base through its publications, ‘The NED’, ‘The Tracker’ and ‘The Briefing Report’. Catalina Consulting will promote the event within the Fintech community.

We will jointly promote the event to the broader funds and asset management community and their technology service providers. We expect an audience from the US, the UK and continental Europe. The e-seminar will also be widely promoted on social media.


A Briefing Paper will be circulated to speakers and registered participants on the topics that will be addressed. Its content will incorporate views, gathered by IFI Global’s research team, from leading industry participants

The e-Seminar

IFI Global and Catalina Consulting will put together a discussion panel of 4 leaders, moderated by Simon Osborn, CEO, IFI Global and Karena Vaughan, MD, Catalina Consulting.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How will Fintech companies in the North and South of Ireland help to shape the future of the funds industry and the broader financial services industry?
  • Which technologies will be critical to future growth? What new technologies might we see in the future?
  • How can Ireland, North and South, attract higher levels of venture capital and private equity investment?
  • What would greater regulatory alignment between the North and South of Ireland mean for the Fintech industry? What might a future digital sand box look like?

The discussion will be delivered via Zoom, with panellists joining remotely. Participants will have the opportunity to put questions to the panel during the session.


A branded White Paper will be published on outputs from the e-seminar discussion for circulation to leaders from both Funds & Fintech.

Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities exist for 2 partners to participate in this e-seminar and white paper. Partners can:

  • Provide input into the discussion topics
  • Join the panel
  • Have featured branding in all promotional activities as well as branding, bio and contact details in the event page, discussion paper and white paper

Please contact for partnership details.

Joining details coming soon.

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