The Future of the EU Crossborder Funds Industry – revised dates

In light of the current restrictions on travel and face/face engagement and in the interests of the safety of our guests and team we have decided to postpone our 2020 EU Crossborder Funds Series. Revised dates are as follows; London - we are holding a venue for the morning of 1st July 2020. This is dependent on restrictions being lifted. Dublin - we are working with PwC Ireland to deliver a seminar on the morning of the 10th September 2020. Similar to last year, PwC will host at its Spencer Dock offices Luxembourg - we are holding the Abtei Neimënster for the morning of 25th November 2020 Further details to follow.

March 27, 2020  / 

Play Bigger: How Rebels and Innovators Create New Categories and Dominate Markets

With time on our hands and nowhere to go, we were glad of a reading recommendation from Thomas Russell, CEO, Think Evolve Solve, one of our Dublin Regtech clients. Having read the first chapter, we are already hooked and happy to pass on the recommendation to other friends and contacts.

March 25, 2020  / 

Luxembourg Seminar Date Announced

The ‘EU Cross Border Funds Industry in the 2020s’ Luxembourg Seminar will be held on the morning of the 28th April 2020 in the historic Abtei Neimënster, Salle José Ensch. This is the first of 3 such seminars in 2020, hosted by Catalina Consulting in association with Fund Management Research & Event Specialist, IFI Global.

February 20, 2020  / 

‘The EU Cross Border Fund Industry in the 2020s’ – new seminar series

The EU cross-border fund industry faces a number of major challenges at the beginning of the new decade. Decisions made in the near future, in response to these challenges, will likely determine the course for the industry for several years to come. IFI Global and Catalina Consulting are hosting a series of 3 seminars to debate how the industry should react to these challenges. These seminars will focus on the topics that are critical to the industry’s further development. Attendees will include leaders of the different constituencies that make up the fund industry – both from the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg and elsewhere – as well as leaders from high-growth Fintechs.

January 28, 2020  / 

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