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In February 2021, the Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland hosted a virtual UK retail innovation business mission to provide unique opportunities for the development of strategic alliances and business collaborations between Switzerland and the UK. A highlight of the business mission was a panel discussion, moderated by Catalina Consulting's Karena Vaughan, featuring global leaders from Ocado, Unilever, Cap Martins and On Ag who provided fascinating insights into some of the most revolutionary practices in the retail sector. These insights were shared in a Retailtech article, drafted by Catalina Consulting, now available for download.

March 20, 2021  / 

Catalina Consulting delivers report on Retailtech

With the explosion in demand for online shopping as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, huge opportunities have developed for digitalisation, new technologies and innovation along the entirety of the customer journey. To identify opportunities in the exciting and fast-growing new sector that is Retailtech, The Swiss Business Hub UK & Ireland commissioned Catalina Consulting to carry out detailed research and to present a report that would inform future investment & trade strategies.

February 20, 2021  / 

Leveraging ESG performance to win FDI

As global competition for FDI intensifies, the race to carbon neutrality has never been keener. 49% of the world’s GDP and about 50% of global carbon dioxide emissions are now covered by a net-zero commitment, and as the value of low carbon goods and services increases, these numbers are set to rise. Opportunities arising will be considerable, particularly at a time when interest in environmental protection and long-term sustainability, along with social conscience and good governance has never been greater. Events of 2020 accelerated adoption of ESG, and proven links between a company’s ESG performance and its profitability have been established. As we move into 2021, ESG has developed from a key indicator of business performance to assessment criteria for FDI decision-making.

January 14, 2021  / 

What does good ESG data look like?

Despite its devastating effect across the globe, the COVID-19 crisis has been credited with reigniting our collective social conscience and with it our interest in environmental protection, fair and equitable treatment for all, good governance and long-term sustainability. The term ESG has been mainstream for the last decade, with investor appetite taking greater account of sustainable value. The events of 2020 have accelerated that interest, with proven links between a company’s ESG performance and its profitability. This has led to an explosion in demand for high quality ESG data and as this demand grows more urgent, we ask ‘What does good ESG data look like?’

November 10, 2020  / 

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