Publication of The RegTech Book

The long-awaited REGTECH Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries in Regulation, was finally published in August 2019 and reviews have been excellent. It is a truly comprehensive resource, crowdsourced from more than sixty leading compliance practitioners, banking regulators, and technology entrepreneurs.

What is RegTech anyway?

Regulatory technology (RegTech) provides gains in efficiency for compliance and reporting functions whilst also holding the potential to fundamentally change market structure and supervision. The book is a resource that offers an essential guide to the disruption, innovation, and opportunities of technology in the regulatory and compliance sector.

The chapter layout reads more like a reference work than something to read from cover to cover, although if you are new to the regulatory World, it will serve as a wonderful primer.

1. Introduction

2. The RegTech Landscape

3. Regulatory Innovation and Sandboxes

4. A Call for Innovation or Disruption?

5. RegTech Investment and Compliance Spending

6. RegTech for Authorized Institutions

7. RegTech from a Regulatory Perspective

8. Blockchain and AI in RegTech

9. RegTech Applicability Outside the Financial Services Industry

10. Social Impact and Regulation

11. The Future of RegTech

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