Taking the Spin out of Greenwashing – a tech driven approach

In response to investor and consumer demands for better ESG data, a global greenwashing detection industry is developing, with huge potential in the underlying data infrastructure, analytics, and financial product development of sustainable finance.

Applying advances in machine learning and AI to both environmental issues and financial datasets opens up unprecedented opportunities in:

- Testing, and scaling data and analytics innovations in green AI and green data science activities
- Evidence-based sustainable investing and modelling the impacts of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
- Developing anti-greenwashing identification tools for investors

Spearheading this fast-growth industry is Ireland, with an ambitious climate action bill; a commitment to building an economy with a strong environmental compass;  positioning at the forefront of global sustainability initiatives; and unrivalled expertise and infrastructure in funds, banking, insurance, risk and technology.

With new investments in sustainable funds more than doubling to an all-time high of $51 billion in 2020, compared to 2019, ESG investing has set new records. Indeed, the need to be green has seen asset managers rushing to launch new products and rebrand existing funds. And, as the great transfer of wealth to next gen gets underway, ESG is proving to be one of the most important shifts in the investment industry in a generation,

From investment to consumer goods, the influence of millennials is mirrored across a diverse range of industries making ‘sustainable’ spin-off brands and green tree symbols on food and clothing labelling the norm.

As a result, demand for information on companies ESG credentials is at an all time high, with the S and the G attracting just as much interest as the E.  Despite the efforts of ratings agencies to plug the ESG data gap, anomalies in ESG scores are raising doubts about data integrity and granularity.

Whilst the green marketing machine continues to spin claims of eco-friendly, sustainable and ESG compliant products and services, investors and consumers are increasingly demanding evidence and data to back up claims, giving rise to revolutionary new technologies using AI and ML to collect and validate ESG data, and to provide a transparent data collection process.

Join us on Thursday 27th May 2021 at 14.00 London for an e-seminar, the second in a series of three, hosted by IDA Ireland as we consider how technology can help to diminish and even eradicate the problem of greenwashing.

Format & content

  • 14.00 – 14.05    Introduction & welcome
  • 14.05 – 14.15     Simon Osborn, CEO of IFI Global, ‘The problem with greenwashing’
  • 14.15 – 15.00     Specialist panel discussion

In discussion with Simon Osborn and Karena Vaughan, CEO Catalina Consulting

  • Eoin Fahy, Head of Responsible Investing, KBI Global Investors
  • Bobby Console Verma, CEO, 1fs Wealth
  • Kate Solovieva, Vice President, Financial Services Europe, IDA Ireland
  • Ronan Crosson, Director of Data Strategy and Analytics, Eagle Alpha

A post-series white paper will be shared with registered delegates

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Can technology solve the greenwashing problem?

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Why is ESG data often plentiful but lacking in granularity?

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