The EU-UK Fund Forum

Delivered in partnership with London media house IFI Global, The Forum examines how the EU & UK fund industries will change in the post Brexit era. As well as focusing on industry & regulatory matters it covers the macro-economic & political environment. It includes:

• Monthly e-Forums for UK asset managers and the EU fund industry
• Briefing papers from IFI Global’s research dept tracking industry changes
• Monthly updates in IFI Global’s Tracker publication on developments

Session 1 will be held on Tuesday 27th April, 14.00 BST

The EU-UK Fund Forum

Tracking changes in the relationship between UK managers & the EU fund industry post Brexit

UK asset managers have been key to the development of the EU fund industry. More than 175 UK managers have funds domiciled in Ireland. The UK is the fifth largest market for Luxembourg funds. Approximately 80% of Europe’s alternative managers are based in the UK. The long-standing EU-UK fund industry relationship is challenged by Brexit. Change is coming. This Forum is being formed to address the challenges that lie ahead, particularly:

  • Regulatory divergence: the consequences for the European fund industry of continued failure by the EU and UK to reach agreement on equivalence
  • Possible changes to distribution & PM delegation: focusing on likely alternations by the EU to distribution rules for UK managers as well as possible changes to portfolio management delegation arrangements
  • Substance: how UK headquartered managers should address demands for yet more substance in EU jurisdictions (they were just accused of setting up ‘letter- box’ entities by Michel Barnier)
  • Fund structuring: examining the most efficient fund structures for UK headquartered managers with operations in the EU as rules diverge, such as in the regulation of ESG

EU-UK Fund Forum programme

  • Regular online forums for UK managers and the EU industry to discuss issues such as they arise, including those above
  • Monthly updates in IFI Global’s Tracker publication on relevant developments
  • Briefing papers circulated by IFI Global’s research department as changes to existing arrangements come through

The EU-UK Fund Forum is for:

  • UK asset management groups with funds domiciled in the EU (and those looking to set up operations there)
  • EU based ManCos, service providers, law firms, NEDs and others who work with the UK based asset management industry

How to participate

Participation in the EU-UK Fund Forum is reserved for corporate subscribers to the Tracker, IFI Global’s monthly publication specialising in fund structuring and the impact of regulatory change on the European industry. A corporate annual subscription to the Tracker is £850 and includes access to all of IFI Global’s events (physical and online) as well as listings in the publication. Please contact Tamara Sims ( for details

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